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This site is updated for the 2016 River Tour

The service I Provide

**NOTE Service can only send calls to US, Canada and Puerto Rico and only for
shows in those locations.  I do not monitor tickets for shows in Europe.


Please see the International page for info about getting calls outside of the US and Canada. 

I have been doing this since the Devils and Dust tour in 2005 through the website.  I create call lists for the venues in which Bruce will be playing.  When you sign up for that particular venue, if there are ticket drops, you will get an automated phone callfrom me alerting you to buy tickets.  That call will go out to all who are signed up for that venue.  I DO NOT buy or sell the tickets.  I simply let you know they are available through a drop.  For those who do sign up, if you see or hear of a drop, get your tickets and call me so I can alert the others.  I will send you my cell number within 24 hours when you sign up.  It is a network of fans helping other fans. 

The results have been outstanding.


Keep in mind, you can sit on Ticketmaster, Backstreets and Greasy Lake all day checking for tickets and forum messages that tickets are dropping.  I do that for you.  I save you that time.   The bottom line is that it works.  And it works very well.  I have a long track record. 

The calls can come at any time, between 9AM and 9PM.  When you get the call, get on TM and get your tickets. 

Some drops are large and some are small.  In very few instances, there have been no drops at all for a venue. 

Of course, I have no control over that.

If you had been signed up for any of the previous tour legs, they do not carry over to subsequent leg.  All lists get cleared when the the show(s) has been played.  Additional visits at a later time require an additional subscription.

Drop calls for this past tour (2016):

Pittsburgh 6
Chicago 6
Wash DC 3
Newark 4
Toronto 4
Boston 2
Albany 6
Hartford 3
Philly 2
Sunrise 4
Atlanta 8
Louisville 2
Cleveland 7
Buffalo 4
Rochester 2
St.Paul 7
Milwaukee 6
St. Louis 8
Phoenix 7
Oakland 3
Los Angeles 14
Denver 0  *
Oklahoma City 3
Dallas 3
Kansas City 2
Auburn Hills 4
Greensboro 4
Penn State 5
Baltimore 4
Brooklyn 10
Columbus 5
Portland 4
Seattle 5

Average 4.8 per venue

 *Tickets were available from the on-sale to the day of the show